Long Island, Bahamas
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Away From The Things Of Man . . .
  • 0 Embracing Social Distancing

    • by Guest
    • 19.07.2020
    5.00 of 34 votes

    Unplug, relax, find your space. Is there a better way to practice social distancing?  I think not.   eryting betta in da Bahamas.  

  • 0 PIZZA at the beach!

    • by Guest
    • 27.03.2020
    0.00 of 0 votes

    WOW! Awesome homemade pepperoni pizza made right here - off grid. Best darn pizza in the whole country, made out in the sunshine here at Serenity. Seriously, this is the best pizza I've had so far anywhere in The Bahamas, and it was cooked in an outdoor grill at a beach hut. Very cool. Pizza and beer at the beach... It just doesn't get better than that. Absolutely delicious, thank you.

  • 0 New Outdoor Sink

    • by Host
    • 13.02.2020
    5.00 of 7 votes

    Loretta finished up the outdoor sink today. Looks terrific and works great. Can't wait to start using it. It all seems a bit more civilized around here now. Big thanks to F&D for the spare parts. Could not have accomplished without you.


    • by Host
    • 12.02.2020
    0.00 of 0 votes

    Man... Check this out! My buddy Flip yanked this huge bad boy out the water just off the beach right in front of the hut. Biggest lobster I've seen yet. WOW! Tanks Flip... You da man!

  • 1 Beach View at Serenity

    • by Host
    • 08.01.2020
    5.00 of 13 votes

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