Long Island, Bahamas
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Away From The Things Of Man . . .
  • 0 da Weird Sink Dilemna

    • by Host
    • 21.07.2023
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    We had to bid a sad farewell to our favorite quirky lavatory.   We know most of you dig the funky handmade limestone sink as much as we do but a handful of people were just too confused and couldn't figure out how to negotiate the weirdness of it, so we reluctantly replaced it with something a little more "standard".  We sincerely apologize for caving on this and hope you will embrace this "normal" basin. I know it's not as funky as the original and doesn't quite fit in, but it is functional and should keep the head scratching to a minimum.     We promise to make something else weird and restore balance in the cosmos.     

  • 0 It's a Sad Day in Grillville

    • by Host
    • 21.06.2022
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    Sadly, the relentless salt spray has devoured yet another grill so we're having to replace it again. We absolutely loved the grill so much that when it collapsed from rust we replaced it with the exact same grill. Both were terrific while they lasted. Unfortunately we can't continue this ridiculous practice of replacing the grill every year or two so we're trying a different material to see if we can get a little longer lifespan. The next grill has an aluminum shell that will hopefully fend off the rusties a little better. Unfortunately the innards are still cheesy metal and will undoubtedly disintegrate quickly, but we are hopeful it will slow down the turnover. Obviously this is pathetic misguided optimism aroused by mediocre thinking and the whole fiasco will ultimately end in tears. Anyway, it is a different shape and size fire box and in whole a bit smaller and it does look a little wonky in the old grill hole but it is working well for the moment. GRILL UP!       UPDATE: OK, so this one isn't going to make it either. We will be making some changes shortly and doing something a little different. Shall keep you abreast.   

  • 0 Solar Water Heater Woes

    • by Host
    • 09.03.2022
    5.00 of 1 votes

        So, the solar water heater output has been less than stellar the past couple months. Admittedly partially due to tempestuous weather that we obviously have no control over but also specific heater design issues. Of course, in the summer months this is nary an issue. The thought of dousing ones self in hot or even warm water in July is utterly repugnant, however in January maybe not so bad. Rain, cloudy days and high winds do not contribute favorably to a solar water heater's effectiveness and we've been feeling the chill this winter. The original solar water heater set up had a much larger reservoir. There was more hot water available than the current setup but it took a little longer to heat up. When it developed a leak, I decided to replace the reservoir with a much smaller one believing it would heat up and recover faster. It did heat up a little faster but it also ran out very quickly and did not recover nearly as fast as expected. We've gone back to the original design and made a few adjustments to mitigate the negative wind effect and so far it seems to be much more stable. The water is once again scalding hot and so far seems to be functioning as it should. Knock on wood.  

  • 0 Life's a Beach! Beachy Quotes to Get Your Mind Right.

    • by Host
    • 22.08.2021
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          "My dream is to have a house on the beach, even just a little shack somewhere so I can wake up, have coffee, look at dolphins, be quiet and breathe the air." Christina Applegate         The beach is calling and I must go.   Beach hair, don’t care.   Seas the day!   Eat, sleep, beach, repeat.   Life is better at the beach.   Ocean air, salty hair.   Tropical state of mind.   High tides, good vibes.   The only BS I need in my life is: Beach and Sunshine.   Make a wish upon a starfish.             I’m a better person when I’m tan.   Sunshine, sand, and surf on my mind.   Find me under the palms.   Sandy toes, sunkissed nose.   Salt in the air. Sand in my hair.   Good times & tan lines.   Beach days = best days   Sunshine state of mind.   Mermaid kisses & starfish wishes.           Palm trees, ocean breeze.   Cheers to beach hair, tan skin, flip flops, and sandy toes.   If you need me, call me on my shell.   Sun, sand, the sea, and me.   The beach is always a good idea.   You could say I’ve been a little…nautical.   You can find me where the sand meets the water.   99 problems but a beach ain’t one!         There’s no place like home — except for the beach.   You, me, and the sea.   Gone to the beach. Be back never.   You had me at aloha.   How to have a beach body: 1. Have a body. 2. Go to the beach.   Namast’ay at the beach.   Keep Palm and Carry On.   Bare feet & salty hair.   A coconut a day keeps the worries away.           That crazy little sun of a beach.   You used to call me on my shell phone.   Tropic like it’s hot.   Sometimes I think all I really need in life is my beach bag.   Beach, don’t kill my vibe.   Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a clam.   I’m going to change the world, but today I’ll just be a mermaid.   I’m a true beachaholic.           “A lot of people like snow. I find it an unnecessary freezing of water.” — Carl Reiner The beaches of Long Island are among the best beaches in the Caribbean and the world Columbus Harbour Said to be the location where explorer Christopher Columbus anchored his boat and rowed ashore. The shallow inner bay is protected and therefore great for Snorkeling and shelling expeditions. The harbour also features two outer beaches a half-mile further out in the shallows of the Atlantic. Stella Maris Beach The beautiful beaches at Stella Maris are small, but what they may lack in size they make up for in beauty and drama. The sometimes rocky beach turns abruptly into craggy, but stunning black ironshore formations that stop the crashing waves in their tracks and send plumes of white water splashing 20 feet skyward. The sand on the beach is somewhat coarse, but the subtle pink hue is a beautiful contrast to the Atlantic and its fickle shades of turquoise and blue. Wade and sunbathe in the natural pools of warm water that are heated by Bahamian sun. Cape Santa Maria Bay & Beach Vacationers looking for the best beach in the Caribbean are never disappointed when they discover the breathtaking beauty of the beach at Cape Santa Maria on the northern tip of Long Island. The seemingly endless white powder sand is heavenly beneath your feet as you walk along the shore lined with wispy casuarina trees. It’s no wonder that Columbus and his ships were drawn to this beautiful spot. Love Beaches Affectionately known as the Love Beaches, this secluded stretch of pink sand is actually four beaches, highlighted by a large natural swimming pool. Millerton School Beach Located on the west coast of Long Island, this mile-long beach has a secluded bay, lots of small shells and soft white sand made for strolling barefoot. Deal’s Beach This roadside, tree-lined beach is complete with a barbecue grill, table and benches, perfect for a family outing. Naked Beach Beautiful long secluded beach on the Atlantic side of the island near Serenity Beach home Other Long Island Beaches Watermelon Beach Galliot Cay beach Newton Cay Beach O’Neill’s Beach Turtle Cove Beach Lochabar Bay Beach Cabbage Point Beach Grays Harbor Drive Beach McCann's Beach Salt Pond Beach from myoutislands bahamas

  • 1 Crabby Condo Upgrade

    • by Host
    • 08.08.2021
    5.00 of 5 votes

    Hermit crab real estate shopping. Finally got a dribble of rain last night that apparently woke up a few crabs who promptly set about sampling the current cretaceous housing market. "Congrats on the new digs Crabby, I hope you remember this moment in your new home forever, because it will never be this clean or organized ever again."     Hermit crabs are always on the lookout for new shells to accommodate their growing bodies. When a hermit crab sees an ideal shell, it will sidle up very close to it, and check it out with its antennae and claws. If the shell is deemed suitable, the hermit grab will quickly switch its abdomen from one shell to the other. Hermit crabs in the Bahamas

  • 0 Embracing Social Distancing

    • by Guest
    • 19.07.2020
    5.00 of 79 votes

    Unplug, relax, find your space. Is there a better way to practice social distancing?  I think not.   eryting betta in da Bahamas.  

  • 0 PIZZA at the beach!

    • by Guest
    • 27.03.2020
    4.67 of 6 votes

    WOW! Awesome homemade pepperoni pizza made right here - off grid. Best darn pizza around, made out in the sunshine here at Serenity. Really, this is the best pizza I've had so far anywhere in The Bahamas, and it was cooked in an outdoor grill at a beach hut. Very cool. Pizza and beer at the beach... It just doesn't get better than that. Absolutely delicious, thank you.

  • 0 New Outdoor Sink

    • by Host
    • 13.02.2020
    5.00 of 7 votes

    Loretta finished up the outdoor sink today. Looks terrific and works great. Can't wait to start using it. It all seems a bit more civilized around here now. Big thanks to F&D for the spare parts. Could not have accomplished without you.


    • by Host
    • 12.02.2020
    4.14 of 7 votes

    Man... Check this out! My buddy 'Flip' yanked this huge bad boy out the water just off the beach right in front of the hut. Biggest lobster I've seen yet. WOW! Tanks Flip... You da man!

  • 1 Beach View at Serenity

    • by Host
    • 08.01.2020
    4.97 of 60 votes


Stop asking me if I want to build a snowman. I want to lay on a beach with a drink in my hand. Ask me if I want to do that.