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0 It's a Sad Day in Grillville

  • by Host
  • 21.06.2022
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Sadly, the relentless salt spray has devoured yet another grill so we're having to replace it again. We absolutely loved the grill so much that when it collapsed from rust we replaced it with the exact same grill. Both were terrific while they lasted. Unfortunately we can't continue this ridiculous practice of replacing the grill every year or two so we're trying a different material to see if we can get a little longer lifespan. The next grill has an aluminum shell that will hopefully fend off the rusties a little better. Unfortunately the innards are still cheesy metal and will undoubtedly disintegrate quickly, but we are hopeful it will slow down the turnover. Obviously this is pathetic misguided optimism aroused by mediocre thinking and the whole fiasco will ultimately end in tears. Anyway, it is a different shape and size fire box and in whole a bit smaller and it does look a little wonky in the old grill hole but it is working well for the moment.






OK, so this one isn't going to make it either. We will be making some changes shortly and doing something a little different. Shall keep you abreast. 


Stop asking me if I want to build a snowman. I want to lay on a beach with a drink in my hand. Ask me if I want to do that.